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PURPLE LOFTS is an Interior Designing Company focused on providing Premium, Personalized Designs & Execution Services to its clients. Our diverse and experienced talent pool is committed to building strong bonds with our clientele by consistently providing professional, reliable and cost effective solutions. With a professional team having a decade of varied “Design TO Build” experience, we have developed the requisite skills and attitude to identify the potential in each space, and add value to the Interiors.
PURPLE LOFTS is dedicated to providing our clients with creative concepts, high-quality design, beautiful, and flawless execution. We tailor each project to our client's individual tastes and budgets.
We are a team of skilled designers and craftsmen. We bring a variety. Professional skill set and sense of fun and playful environment to our work. We take pride in listening to our clients, working with them side-by-side, and paying fine attention to detail.
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We choose our product lines carefully and with a refined eye specifically trained to current trends and attention to various price points. We maintain a friendly, fair, creative - work & retail environment. We welcome new ideas and work hard to implement the same. We provide quality goods and excellent customer service.
We srongly believe that technical and creative expertise has to be complemented with the latest and best technology and equipment. It is through such a system that we deliver quality results which integrate technical superiority and extra-ordinary aesthetics. We temper our efforts with constant co-ordination between members of our team so that we are able to blend the essence of our quality into the work at hand.
Our goal is to create end results that are as unique and wonderful as our clients.

what we Do At Purple Lofts WORK


Interior Design Consulting
Our team of interior designers work with/for you, to conceive the ideas and then translate them into beautiful and feasible designs. We create unique customized interior design solutions. We strive and work hard to meet our client’s expectation.


Space Planning & Designing
Efficient space planning combined with great ideas delivers creative and innovative spaces, which reflects your personality. From conception to completion, we offer custom design solutions that satisfies our client’s requirements innovatively. 


Furniture & Furnishings
Furnishings is what adds value to a home, office or a hotel. We take pride in offering & finding many types of furnishings on the market that might suit different tastes and needs .We get furnishings that stands out & complement the furniture. In short it goes beyond simple colors that empowers the customers with an opportunity to create the environment they want to live in.


Project Management
Execute the project with utmost care regarding quality, time schedule & above all creating an ambience suitable for that particular sector. Our clients has complete confidence entrusted in Creative Shelf with all aspects of execution of project including site survey, interior design, cost evaluation& turnkey interior outfitting of all the places.

Expect the Best From Purple LoftsEXPERT


  • Deliver Beautiful Homes which you aspire to live in ….
  • Apartments & Penthouses
  • Bungalows & Villas
  • Farm Houses & Holiday Homes


  • Fabulous work space environment to bring Positive energy for your success, happiness & growth ….
  • Offices & Work Spaces
  • Showrooms & Retail Spaces
  • Training Centers, Recreational Zones & Cafeterias


  • Hospitality spaces as per choice – Luxurious, Elegant, Calm, Relaxing, Exciting & Rocking ….
  • Hotels, Restaurants & Lounges
  • Clubs, Sports Centers & Spas
  • Hospitals, Clinics & Health Centers


  • Interior Decor to best suit your needs & mood ….
  • Artifacts
  • Lights & Chandeliers
  • Wall Paper, Curtains, Carpets, Rugs & Every other thing to make the space lively….


  • Special offers & Packages from PURPLE LOFTS as per your liking & budget ….
  • Premium Platinum
  • Glittering Gold
  • Super Silver

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